Sunday, May 27, 2012

May 11 - 27, 2012

On Friday, we were on the road again going to Hawaii! Tom had to get his tooth fixed-another blessing they were able to save it and put a crown on. So he spent a couple of days in the dentist chair, so much fun! He looks a lot better now as the tooth was in the front.
We went to the Honolulu Tabernacle on Mother’s Day. They had a nice program and gave us each a carnation. Thank you to the Mothers in our family. We love and appreciate Jeanne. Thank you for keeping Dad so happy and being so patient with him. It is very evident how much you love and care for him. To Amanda, Kristy, Malia, and Kellie, thank you for being so special. You are raising your children so beautifully and you all make your homes a happy place to be. Our grandchildren were so fortunate to be sent to each of you. We know of your deep love for each and every one of them. We love all of you so much.
We left for Fiji on Monday. When we got to the airport we started looking for the Elder and Sister Bush who were going to Tarawa to serve in our Mission. They had come a little earlier than us so we caught up with them after we had checked in. We were so excited to see them in person! They are going to be wonderful and fit right in. So we were on the same flight to Fiji which stopped at Christmas Island for an hour to pick up some passengers there. We knew that two of our Elders were getting on to go back to Tarawa, Elders Gittins and Taorobwa. So we went to the front of the plane to wave to Elder and Sister Mabey and the other Missionaries (Elders Eneri and Hosler and Sisters Valo and Babo). They won’t let you off there unless you are staying. Luckily they saw us and waved back. So the two Elders got on and we headed to Fiji running 1 hour and a half late! We got up nice and early to catch our flight to Tarawa 2:00 A.M. So when we arrived in Tarawa at 8:30 A.M. we were all ready to go to sleep! Elder and Sister Bush were excited to finally be there and were anxious to get acquainted with the other senior missionaries.
We had interviews scheduled for the new missionaries that we had not met yet. They are Elders Lewis, Thomas, Saksak, Butterfield, Mendenhall, Maautaake, and Sister Kimmons. They are a great new bunch and it was great to get to know them. We also did a few interviews the next morning before we had a training meeting with the zone and district leaders. The zone leaders are Elders Anderson, Anderl, Everett, and Turner. The district leaders are Elders Bradshaw, Kidder, Brown, and Banks. We took them to lunch afterwards. They are a great group of Elders and we appreciate all that they do. We are always happy if we run into our former missionaries. This trip we saw Elder Tu Tu and Elder Tiree.
On Saturday, we had a Sisters get together. There are eight younger sisters and five senior sisters. The eight younger sisters are: Rebeta, Barlow, Gardner, Aromita Tieke, Teueke Tieke, Tenoa, Balencagni, and Kimmons, our newest one. They were all so excited! We had some of the Kiribati sisters teach us how to smock. In Kiribati the women all wear tops that have been smocked and they are very pretty. Of course, we couldn’t get together without eating so we had a luncheon also! It was great seeing them interact and enjoy some down time. We love our Sisters and they are able to reach many people that the Elders can’t.
We took our seniors out to eat. They have closed down the place that we like to go to. We always enjoy being together and they all help us so much.
We attended the Moroni High School Branch as they had asked Elder and Sister Bush to speak! Word travels fast! They had 6 students speak before them which didn’t leave them a lot of time. You never know how long the kids will speak. We went over to the Ogborn’s and had dinner which was great.
We then left Monday morning to go back to Fiji. We had decided to stay at a different hotel. We went to lunch as they have a restaurant there. Another couple came and they kind of stared at us and then the lady came up and said we are the Brother and Sister Bush do you happen to be the Shaw’s? Now don’t be confused with Elder and Sister Bush we went to Tarawa with-this is another couple! They are Elder Bush’s parents who were on their way to spend some time with him in Tarawa and then take him home. We knew they would be coming but had no idea what hotel they would be at. What a small world! That evening and the next day for the meals we both ended up going at the same time, so we had a great chance to get to know them. They are great people and it was fun to talk about Elder Bush and his accomplishments. We left a day and half before they did and we are excited to hear how everything went. We were so glad that our paths met!
We are home for a week. We had a baptism and a youth fireside the day we arrived. Elder Wakolo, our Area Seventy, was on our plane and he spoke at the fireside. We love you all and want to say Happy Birthday to Porter which is tomorrow. It is your special birthday as he will be getting baptized at the end of the week. We love you and our thoughts will be with you on your Birthday and your baptism day. Love Mom & Dad / Nana & Papa / President and Sister Shaw

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