Sunday, June 10, 2012

May 26th- June 10th 2012

We arrived back to Majuro on May 26th. Elder Wakolo was on our flight as he was going to do some training with the Stake, and a youth fireside that evening. On Sunday we ate with the Stake Presidency and clerks with Elder Wakolo. After that we attended the seminary graduation in the chapel. Some of the youth gave great talks and a musical number. It was well attended. On Monday we had a sister’s outing. The young sister’s and the senior sisters went to Laura beach.
It was a great day
and everyone had a good time. Some looked for seashells, others sang, some played volley ball and we also ate lunch. The girls go nuts when we get together, they are so cute. It was also Sister Tominey’s Birthday that day and Sister Terabwena made her a darling cake. It was a Barbie cake. We left it in the van until they were ready to cut it. So when we took it out, it had melted and was sagging some, so we said it was now a senior Barbie! We love the Sisters in our mission they are all amazing. The Badgers left that evening to go to Tarawa. They have had an enjoyable time and are now in Fiji on their way back around.

We had an office meeting on Tuesday. It’s always good to touch base with what is going on activity wise and to discuss what needs to be done. We also find out who has been sick so that we can pray for them. We are so grateful for our nurses Sister Bonnemort in Kiribati, and Sister Perkins on Majuro. They take such good care of our missionaries. Tom did interviews three different days in Majuro, as he had not had a chance to when we had our mission tour with Elder and Sister Watson. We attended the Long Island district meeting this week. They never know which one we will go to, but I’m pretty sure they are happy because we usually bring cookies!
June first Elder Tokaruru came to have his final interview and to have dinner with us. He served eight weeks longer and we appreciated that so much. We decided to send him home around the horn because we were not sure if Air Marshall (affectionately known as Air probably
not!) was going to fly. They had been broke down again. He actually ended up going to Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, and finally to Kiribati! We know he is home safe and sound and we are grateful for his service. We will get to see him as we go to Kiribati which makes us happy.

The next morning we went to Ebeye. The AP’s joined us to do some splits with the Missionaries. We had District Conference which was the main reason we went. We had the broadcast that was given for the Pacific area. We had the Saturday meeting and they had the Priesthood meeting. Tom also had several interviews for priesthood advancement, some young men going on missions and our missionaries.This young man in the blue t shirt was interviewed for a mission. We took a picture with our tallest missionary Elder Peck ! We ate with the Morgan’s and the meals were wonderful. Everything was organized thanks to the Morgan’s. We arrived back in Majuro on Monday the fourth of June. We had another office meeting on Tuesday. On Thursday we had some leadership training with the District leaders, Elders Seru, Emmett, Ka Ka, Randall, the zone leaders, Elders Jensen, and Cherrington, and the AP’s Elders Rigby and Green. It was a great training and we hope to raise the vision of our mission as they implement the teachings that were taught. They are all great young men and we appreciate all that they do. We attended a baptism in Delap Saturday where four were baptized. One was a child of record and the other converts. Delap and Uliga seem to be having a lot of success lately which is great! Sunday we had Sister Howard over for her final interview and dinner. She has been a wonderful Missionary. We will be leaving this Monday to go to Christmas and to Tarawa. Sister Howard doesn’t leave until Thursday so we had her over a little early. We wish we could be here when she leaves but sometimes it just doesn’t work out. We love you all and pray for the Lords choicest blessing to be with you always.

Love Mom & Dad, Nana & Papa, President & Sister Shaw

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