Sunday, September 18, 2011

Special Edition "Ebeye YSA Conference"

August 19-31, 2011

When the YSA of the Kwajalein District heard President Monson challenge to perform a day of service to honor the Church Welfare Program they started plans to use their YSA Conference to serve others.
They knew that a group of members from the outer Island of Lae were going to the Temple in Hawaii and would be gone for a week. So they put a plan into action. A boat had to sail to Lae to bring the members into Ebeye so they ask permission to ride out to Lae, since the boat would be empty going out and returned back to Ebeye when the boat bought back the members. As the District Leadership reviewed the plan they felt like it would work. So the YSA were ready to start there 12 Days of service on August 19th 2011. They had chosen for their theme “Service is our most important product”.
The day finally arrived and 16 YSA along with 13 Adults and 5 missionaries took the 8 ½ hour ride to Lae.
When they arrived they were greeted by members and non members that had heard about the Conference. The next morning, August 20th everyone helped the members load the boat so they could leave for Ebeye and fly to the Temple.
The next 10 days were filled with service, fun and missionary work. Projects that were completed were:
· Lights and electrical outlets installed in the Chapel, class rooms and outside, the chapel has only had a small solar panel to charge a battery then they would use a small light to hold meetings at night or try to watch a VHS on a TV
· Broken glass was cut and replaced in the Chapel windows
· The storage area of the chapel was make more secure so supplies could be kept at the chapel
· A well was cleaned and made deeper so drinking water would be available for people to use
· Weeds were pulled at several non members homes and yards were cleaned up and trees were trimmed
· Rain gutter was installed on a home so the rain water could be put to use by the family. Also a front porch was replaced.
· The group found out that the King of the Island was coming to visit so they weeded and cleaned his land and provided chairs and gas to help bring him ashore when he arrived. It was fun to see the YSA and Adults as they met and helped serve the King. His people thanked the members for their assistance.
A scout from the ward of a Missionary that served on Lae used his Eagle Project to gather medical supplies for the Island. There was over $ 5000.00 worth of supplies that were given to the small first aid hospital and the doctor was very happy and surprised that someone would do this for the people of the Island.
The missionaries have been off the Island for about 9 months so the missionaries and YSA visited some of the investigators and less active. Because of their efforts they were able to provide the Branch Mission Leader with several names of people who what to know more about our church.
Many of the YSA were surprised how hard the missionary work is and were excited to go and work with the missionaries. Some of them were returned missionaries and 3 are just waiting for their calls so it was a great chance for them to get a feel of how missionary work is done by being involved in meeting, teaching and sharing the gospel in a real life.
The highlight of the trip for Elder Mills was being able to baptize, Jubok A. Thomas that he and Sister Mills had taught on Ebeye but wanted to be baptized on Lae. He said he had been waiting for him to come so he could be baptized by the Elder that taught him.
There was a lot of work but also a lot of fun during the Conference. Volley ball was played each day, music was played, children were entertained, fishing for food and sharing testimonies all made the 12 Days of service a big success.
When the members arrived home from the Temple it was great to see the look on their faces when they saw lights in their building, repaired and clean windows, yards that were clean and a store house that was empty when they left could not hold all the food and supplies that were brought and donated by members of the District. President Bokin could only say, “The Lord has blessed us with the Temple and your Service”.
When the YSA group left for Ebeye on August 31st they were tired but happy because they knew that they had fulfilled the theme of the Conference “Service is our most important product”. We were all reminded of the Scripture “When you are in the service of others you are in the service of your Father in Heaven”.
Mission Accomplished.

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Bill said...

Thank you for sharing this story of service. I hope that it makes it into either the Liahona or the Ensign along with lots of pictures. It is the kind of story that shows the power of the gospel in peoples physical as well as spiritual lives.