Saturday, September 17, 2011

Aug 19 - Sep 6, 2011

We left Majuro and flew to Hawaii on Saturday August 27th. We re-lived Saturday then left Sunday morning for Fiji. We arrived there on Monday, so we lost a day. Are you confused yet I know I am! We were excited to get to Fiji because we knew that we would be there with Elder Kidder who was returning to Tarawa. He had arrived early in the morning and our flight came in the afternoon around 2:00. He wasn’t sure what time we were coming but he was at the airport when we got there. We decided to go to downtown Nadi and look at the sights. We then ate dinner together that evening. The next day we went to Port Denaru which is about 20 minutes away, from our hotel. We had a great time there and we made friends with the taxi driver who took us there. He wanted us to go to his house but we didn’t have time to do so. So we took his name and phone number so that we can give a referral to the missionaries in Fiji. When we got back we decided to watch a couple of videos together. One was the senior couple recruiting video, which is wonderful. I think that I mentioned it in another blog. The other video was a powerful talk that had been given by Elder Holland, given at the MTC this year. It was funny because we had the sound up all the way and could barely here it on the computer. Tom put the computer on his lap and we huddled close so we could hear a little better. When we got back we had been told that Dr. Burton who was going to Tarawa had checked in the hotel. Also when we were in our hotel room the Elder & Sister Thorne called us to say they had arrived. They too were heading to Tarawa to serve as the Church Education System couple on Moroni High School for 18 months. So that evening we had dinner with everyone and had an enjoyable time. The next morning, bright and early 4:00am), Elder Kidder and the two of us left for Tarawa, and the others went on different flights.
We are in now Tarawa and have been since last Wednesday. We have had a busy week of training for two days from 9:00am to 4:00pm, and a Zone Conference on Friday all day long. The training was for Missionaries who have arrived recently and their Companions, Zone and District Leaders. This was to cover the new eight lessons of how to teach more effectively. Our last four Elders, Bradshaw, Falke, Simpson, and Tuihalangingie actually had this training in the MTC, and it will be taught in the MTC from now on. They will come already trained and will be able to enlighten us as they come out to the field. This training had been introduced to us at our Mission President’s seminar. We were told to teach it to existing missionaries as we arrived in our mission. It can really improve their teaching skills when they implement them as they teach. It’s focusing on the needs of the investigators and teaching with the spirit. It’s so great to be here and to spend time with our missionaries in Kiribati.
Our Zone Conference on Friday went well. We taught on obedience as we had in Majuro. We had everyone together this time because of our schedule. We have wonderful missionaries, and two new Zone leaders, Elder Pearson and Elder Green. Tom also had interviews after our training and the zone conference. He also spent all day Saturday doing interviews. Each week the missionaries write and or email to Tom. He reads and writes back to every single one, which to me is above and beyond! We had five last time interviews as these missionaries will be going home before our next zone conference. They are Elders Lowry, Picky, Cole, Kiaitonga, and Sister Roteti. Two of them are from Kiribati so we will hopefully see them as we come visit. We will miss all of them and pray the Lord’s choicest blessings to be with them.
Friday evening we went with the senior couples to dinner. Elder and Sister Christensen are here as they will now be filling in for the new nurse who should get here in October. Elder and Sister Perkins are going back to Majuro as she is the nurse there. We thank them so much for filling in for the nurse for two plus months also. We are so grateful to have such wonderful senior missionaries who we have had to move around to accommodate our mission.
Saturday, following interviews, we went to a baptism of two younger children. They were so sweet and happy that they were able to be baptized. We then met the Zone Leaders Elders Cole, Nye, Green and Pearson for dinner. As I have said many times before they hold a big load on their shoulders and we appreciate them so much.
On Sunday, Tom attended three sacrament meetings and I attended two. It was fast Sunday, and we were able to share our testimonies with these wonderful brothers and sisters. We also got to see Sister Kamouti, who was one of our Sister missionaries that has been released, it was great to be able to give her a big hug. The stake President and his wife invited all of the senior couples to dinner that day. It was great food and good company.
Monday, was the monthly Island wide Preparation Day Activity. We also had a sister’s activity where we made headbands and ate lunch. We had four sisters and four senior sisters. As we were eating Elder Perkins came over and said there was an urgent call for Sister Perkins, our nurse. It was from Christmas Island and they said that they had admitted Elder Fifield for precautionary measures he was later flown to Honolulu for additional tests.
The Elders also came to Moroni High School and played some basketball and other activities. Sister Perkins and Sister Ogbourn had made some cookies for them which was so nice, and of course lots of cold water to drink. I forgot to mention that at our Zone Conference, the same sisters also made lunch for the Elders and Sisters. We had hot dogs, chips, and two salads, with cookies and ice cream for dessert. There was so much food and the missionaries thought they had died and gone to Heaven! I know I’ve said so many times before but our seniors are so great here and they volunteer and help whenever they can. We thank them from the bottom of our heart.
On Tuesday, Tom was busy keeping in contact with the FiFields and he had a meeting with the zone leaders. We went to dinner that night with President Sam Maunga and Taupa, his counselor, and wife. When we got to the place the cook was sick so we had to go someplace else! No backup plan! They have two cute kids and they are both quite busy.
Today, which is Wednesday has been a quieter day. We are trying to finish a few loose ends but that is all. Tomorrow we will head for Fiji with the Perkins. We will be there one day and then go to Hawaii. Elder & Sister Perkins are going back to Majuro to continue being the nurse there. As I have mentioned the Christensen’s are here in Tarawa being the nurse until a new nurse and her husband have arrived. They are supposed to be here until the end of November. We love you all and we know that the Lord is blessing all of us. We know that he is in charge and that he sends blessings daily. Thank you all for your support and concern. Love Mom & Dad / Nana & Papa / President & Sister Shaw

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