Friday, October 14, 2011

Sep 8 - 25, 2011

I want to start this blog off with an update on Elder Fifield. We were able to get him a flight to Hawaii on Wednesday morning. We arrived in Hawaii on Friday with Elder & Sister Perkins and visited with them. The next day we spent some time with them and he seemed so much better. We went to Hickam Air Force Base and then took them to the Dole plantation. The next day was Sunday and we all went to church at the tabernacle in Hawaii. We went for a ride afterwards where we took the Perkins and the Fifields to see some other places on the island. They all enjoyed it and were so grateful that Tom knew his way around and was able to drive us everywhere without getting lost.

I will go back now to when we left Tarawa and went to Fiji first for a day and a half. We had an enjoyable time there with the Perkins, and showed them around. We flew through the night, that flight we love so muchJ and arrived in Hawaii on Friday morning. In a way we felt that the Lord had a hand in the fact that we had to go the long way instead of on the little plane, which was the original plan. Because we would not have been able to see the Fifields otherwise.

We have been here in Majuro since Tuesday. We had an office meeting as soon as we got back. Elder & Sister Badger were happy to see us as they have been the only couple in the office for two weeks! We thank them for their hard work. That evening we had the Assistants over for dinner as Elder Rareba was being transferred the next day to work out in the field. We will miss him a lot. Elder Christensen is the new Assistant and we are so excited to work closely with him.

On Wednesday, I went to the Long Island district, which also included the Laura district because of transfers. Tom was not feeling well we think he had caught a bug somewhere. It is always neat to go to all the different district meetings and rub shoulders with the missionaries and find out how their district is doing. We have great district leaders who teach well and are responsible for those missionaries in their area.

Sunday, September 11th Jenacee turned nine years old. We were able to talk to her on the phone and sing Happy Birthday to her. She said she went to the spa with her cousins Ashtyn and Whitney and had a great time.

On Sunday, we attended two wards. We went to long Island and to the Rita ward. It was great to see all the people and our missionaries who serve in those areas.

On Monday, we had an island wide Preparation Day Activity. Everyone came to the mission home. Some stayed there to play some games and the rest went over to the church to play volleyball. Then everyone came back to our home to have some treats. They always have such a great time together we love to be a part of that.

On Wednesday, we went to the Delap District Meeting. Elder Taylor taught about how do we use the Book of Mormon with our investigators? He did a great job. That same day and hour later The AP’s and zone leaders did training for the district leaders. They talked about the importance of teaching families. Also they told each district leader to come up with a vision for their districts. It was also a great meeting. The AP’s and the zone leaders did the teaching.

On Saturday we went to a baptism and a wedding in Ajeltake. Elder Aisake and Elder Kalua’u had four baptisms. Two of the baptisms were the children of the couple that got married. There were three other baptisms which we could not attend, because they were at the same time. We love to attend them.

Today we went to two meetings one at Jenrok and one in Delap. Elder Gardner interpreted for us in Jenrok and Sister Vuikadavu interpreted for us in Delap. They are always so willing to help us so we know what is going on and we appreciate it so much.

Tomorrow evening we will leave for Hawaii and then on to Christmas Island. We look forward to seeing everyone there as it has been a while since we were there.

We love seeing pictures on photo bucket of the family please keep putting all of them there. We love missionary work and the way the people in the Marshall Islands are excepting the gospel. Unfortunately we also have many inactives here who we need to help come back. We hope all of you back home are also doing what you can to further the Lord’s work. It is so much easier when the members offer help to the full time missionaries, whether it be feeding them, being a member present, fellowshipping, or going to visit those in need of your service. We love you all Mom & Dad / Papa & Nana / President & Sister Shaw I had planned on adding pictures to this blog, but it turns out that we had them developed but they never got saved on our file. SORRY


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