Friday, August 26, 2011

August 10-24, 2011

Well it’s another warm day in Majuro! Not that any other day is different! We had our Stake President, President Zedhkiea, over for dinner. His wife has been away visiting family in Denver for a couple of months. He is a great guy and he is learning his responsibilities as time goes by.

We want to acknowledge three anniversaries this month. Paul and Kellie on August 12th, Jeff and Amanda August 14th, and Kristy and Miles on the 15th. It’s a good thing they weren’t all in the same year! We hope you were all able to have a great day.

We had zone conference on Tuesday in the Majuro West Zone and Thursday in the East Zone. The focus was on obedience. We had a little object lesson on obedience. I had two missionaries come up and help me. I had two glasses and a pitcher of water. To one missionary I said you got up late and said a short little prayer. I allowed him to pour just a little bit of water in his glass. He didn’t have time to exercise because he was running late, no water for that. He had twenty minutes personal study, so he poured a little bit more water in his glass. He read the Book of Mormon for ten minutes, so he got a tiny bit more water. Then I turned to the other missionary and said you got up at 6:30 and had a meaningful prayer. I told him to pour a good amount of water in his glass. He exercised for thirty minutes and got to pour more water in. He had personal study for an hour, he got more water. He had companion study for an hour so he poured more and his cup was full. Then I said your investigator has a difficult question which Elder do you think would be better prepared to answer the question fully and with the Spirit? We need to be obedient and fill our vessels daily, so that we can be affective teachers. Tom talked about putting a seat belt on. Why do we do that? We do it because our Father in Heaven loves us and wants us to be safe each day. When we are obedient and fasten our seatbelts every day we will be blessed by the Lord in all that we do. We qualify to receive the blessing of effective spiritual teaching through obedience. Some obey out of fear, some obey for a reward, and others obey out of love for our Father in Heaven and his children. We act in faith 1 Nephi 3:7. It’s not a buffet where you can pick and choose which mission rules you want to obey. The assistants did a great training as well as the zone leaders. We love getting together with them we have such great missionaries in this mission.. We will be holding zone conference in Tarawa when we get there next week.

On that same Thursday Elder & Sister Corry came to Majuro as they are finishing their mission. They are here to try to get a deal worked out for better and more consistent air travel between Tarawa and here. We want them to know how much we appreciate all they have done for this mission. They have served for two years and have been wonderful servants of the Lord-we know that many of the young people in Tarawa will miss them and their lessons, practices and coaching. Thank you so much... We also received four new missionaries, three went to the Kirtibati side and one came here because we did not have his work permit-they are all Elders. Elder Bradshaw came here and he is a great young man.. We will be able to meet the others as we travel and we look forward to that. That evening Elder Edwards and Elder Bradshaw stayed overnight. The next day we had Elders Moimoi, Edward and Sister Anterea. for dinner as they were all going home that evening. We will miss them greatly and hope they will keep in touch every now and then letting us know how they are doing. We are sending way too many home!

On Saturday evening there was a Stake Musical Fireside “The Lamb of God” that was planned by Elder Faalongo, one of our missionaries who is leaving this week to go home. He had arranged for people to sing, some to give talks and others to bear testimony. The church was full, it was very well attended. Many of the native people in both sides of the mission have beautiful, sweet voices.

On Saturday morning, Tom traveled to Ebeye to sign some more first-time Temple Recommends. He was there until Monday night. He was on the same plane as Sister Mills and a group of 48 members from the island of Lae. They were so happy and excited to go to the Hawaiian Temple to receive their Temple Ordinances and do work for their kindred dead. Sister Mills did all of the paperwork again which made it possible along with the Temple Assistance Fund. They will return to Ebeye on Saturday and then go back to Lae next Tuesday. Another group of 25 from Ebeye 2nd Branch will then leave on Monday, August 29th and stay for about five days. What a tremendous blessing this is for the saints here.

We love the Lord who has made miracles happen for these members to go to the Temple. We are also grateful to those that provide the funds that enable the less fortunate members to attend the Temple. We know that this experience will strengthen their families, branches, wards, and units as they return.

We are excited for our grandchildren who have and are going back to school. We hope you will be happy and love the chance you have to learn. We love all of you, and hope you can feel our arms wrapped around you. Love Mom & Dad / Nana & Papa / President & Sister Shaw

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