Sunday, August 14, 2011

July 28 - Aug 9, 2011

On Sunday, we had Elder Tingey and Elder Humrich with us as they were going to be
leaving the next day. Tom had a fireside that day at 5:00pm, so we didn’t eat until 7:00 that evening. They have been great missionaries and will be missed in our mission. They shared with us that Elder Tingey was using luggage that his brother used on his mission, and also his brother’s suit. Elder Humrich was wearing the suit that his Father wore on his mission some twenty seven years earlier! You would have never quessed it as it was a brown pin striped suit that you would find these days. We shared our testimonies and talked about some of their experiences while serving here. They left on Monday evening.

Also, since I last wrote we have had missionaries go home from the Kiribati side of the mission; Elders Tamwe, Boehme, Vesikula, Karlip and Sister Kamouti. We wish them the best of everything as they go home. They will also be missed, but two of them are from Kiribati so we hope to see them occasionally as we visit.

Since I wrote last we have had a Majuro Island wide preparation day. There is a big field that is usually available and that is where they met. They played kick soccer, volley ball and a little bit of rugby. I don’t know how they can play, when it is so hot but it doesn’t stop them, they love to get together. We keep water there available, and usually a treat. We call Elder Kimbar the cookie monster, we have to watch him close or all the cookies some how disappear! Tom had a turn in the soccer game and actually eventually scored! It seemed like he was running in slow motion, but the aches and pains the next day told him otherwise! Earlier in the month they got together for a preparation day that was on the 4th of July, they had a barbeque at the mission home and then they had a little talent show. We wish we could have been there as we heard it was so good. Sister Davidson was going to show us the video she took that day, but she accidently erased it! We were happy to be here for this preparation day as we seem to miss quite a few.

We went to a baptism in Laura that evening. It is always so wonderful to share their experience and to hear their testimonies. There was a great support there of the members. The sister who gave a talk on baptism was the one I had the opportunity to give as a referral to the missionaries. She was very nervous as she has only been a member for five months. She is the secretary in the Relief Society. I am so happy that she is so active.

We had a nice steak dinner on Wednesday for the Davidson’s as they were going to leave the following Monday. They have been the Church Education System couple in Majuro. They have really done a lot for the institutes and seminary program. Also some wonderful service projects that have benefited many people here. They have no replacement for them yet, which is too bad because they could have trained someone before leaving. They also helped the mission in many ways, Elder Davidson was the Mission Executive Secretary-we will really miss them. They are from Wyoming.

On Saturday, I was invited to a Relief Society party in Laura. I went with Sister Badger who is assigned to attend that ward. She was told that the party would start at 8:00 in the morning. So we figured Marshallese time would mean about 10:00. So we left here just before 9:00am and did a few missionary apartment checks on the way; once a month they check the apartments of the missionaries to see if they are keeping things clean, safe and tidy. The Perkins were assigned to do that, but until they get back from Kiribati, Sister Badger has been doing it. So by the time we finished those it was close to 10:30am and we thought we would be a little late. When we arrived at the church no one was there yet! So we went to the Relief Society President’s home and they were barbequing chicken and making woven plates to use. So we went and did two more apartment checks and went back to the church. There were some sisters and children there, but nothing had started. Around 1:30pm they started and served lunch. It was good food and plenty of it! These ladies are so wonderful and kind, they were happy to be together enjoying the lunch and a few games afterwards. By 3:00pm we had to leave so that I could be back to go to a wedding and a baptism. So we ran in one race and then left. At least I wasn’t last this time!

The Delap Ward had two weddings and some baptisms afterwards. We were able to be at one of the weddings that the Bishop performed. One of the couples was baptized after and the other sister who was married got baptized. We had never been to a Marshallese wedding before. The couple was so shy they barely took each other’s hand as the Bishop performed the ceremony. They would have come undone if he would have asked the husband to kiss the bride, as they are not used to showing any affection in public! It was another great group of baptisms.

On Sunday, we had Austin Beck from Kaysville come and eat with us. He has been doing an internship here from BYU. He had served his mission in Hawaii and had been home for about a year and a half. He actually served in a Marshallese branch and unit for a good portion of his mission, so he knew the language. His internship was with the American Embassy and he said he has really enjoyed his time here. He is going home on Wednesday.

On Monday, the Davidson’s left for home. Of course they were going to Hawaii first and they had agreed to accompany another group to the temple there. They had attended the ward where some of the people who were going lived, so it was a thrill for them to be there with them. There were about twenty five people in this group. They were so excited and ready to go. As one of the families was checking in, the airline workers noticed that the daughter of one couple appeared to have pink eye. They said that she could not go on the plane unless she had a note signed by a Doctor saying that she was being treated for it. What a disappointment for that family of five. We hope that they will be able to get her to the Doctor and possibly go on the flight that leaves tomorrow. At least we know that they can still go another time they just have to change their tickets. The Temple Assistance Fund has been so wonderful for these people who could never go otherwise even though they were worthy. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture of all of them together but a few here and there. We wish the Davidson’s love and success in all they do, and thank them for their service.

Since we have written Maddie turned three. We sang to her on Skype and she cried all the way through it! We know we’re not the best singers but we never thought we would cause tears. We know this is Heavenly Father’s work. He will always provide the way for the gospel to be shared with others, as he has proven that to us in this mission time and time again. Love Mom & Dad / Nana & Papa / President & Sister Shaw.


Becky Bradshaw said...

My son Elder Bradshaw is on his way there now (8/17/2011). He is so excited and we are too. We love your blog, thank you. I understand that you are friends with Doug Terry in West Valley. He is my first cousin. We have heard such good things about you guys.

Becky Bradshaw said...

I meant to say that Doug Neilsen is my cousin. His wife's name was Terry. Elder Bradshaw has commented on your awesomness! Thanks for all you do for the missionaries.