Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nov 30 - Dec 18, 2012

Things have been busy, eventful and good.  On November 30th we arrived in Hawaii on our way back from Kiribati.  The next day Tom’s sister (Jolene) and husband (Tom) flew into Hawaii.  We picked them up and spent a few days with them there until the plane left.  We went for a ride, visited Pearl Harbor, went to church and ate good food!  We headed for Majuro on Monday which turned into Tuesday as we landed in Majuro.  Tom went over to the office for the Tuesday meeting and I took Jo and Tom for a ride to the Rita end of the island.  We stopped at Payless to get a pizza for lunch.  We then hung around the house as everyone was tired and I put up Christmas decorations with their help.  I love Christmas and lights are my favorite.  So I try to have them everywhere I can. 

Wednesday, we took Jo and Tom to Laura beach.  We looked for shells and coral.  Jo and I went shopping in the afternoon and then met our brother-in- law at a restaurant.  Tom had something come up so he was unable to join us. 
Thursday, we went to Eneko, the Island that we have taken others who come to visit.  You can get in the water there and the boat ride is enjoyable.  We took our lunch and ate there.  It was a beautiful day and we had a good time.  Later that evening we barbequed and had a great dinner at our home. 

Friday, Tom spent at the office for the most part and Jo and Tom got ready to leave that evening.  We are so grateful that they came.  Jo just retired from being an flight attendant for 44 years!  They came to visit us in Spain also in 2009.  We have shared special experiences with them and we appreciate that so much.  Thanks for coming we love you guys.
Saturday, we had training for the Zone and District leaders in Majuro.  We have some great leaders and we appreciate their efforts.  Elder Duford is coming over from Ebeye and he will be a new zone leader who will be taking the place of Elder McOmie who is now an Assistant.  We welcome them both and know they will do a good job.  Elder Jensen will be a traveling trainer until he goes home.  He has been a great Assistant and we appreciate all he has accomplished.  That evening we had a baptism in Rita.  

Tuesday, we had our office meeting.  Then on Wednesday we went to Ajeltake to attend the Zone Leader training in the west zone.  Elder Seru and Elder Peck taught and they did a good job.  This is a meeting that takes place once a month where they teach what they learn in their training the Saturday before. 
Saturday morning we went to Ebeye.  Elder & Sister Barlow came with us this time.  We had many things to accomplish and it was fun to have them along.  The wonderful members met us at the chapel and lined the sidewalk to sing and welcome us.  They are such gracious people and we love them so much.  It was District Conference.  The current District Presidency was released.  President Enos had served quite a while so he was released.  He served well and we appreciate all he has done.  The new District President is President Seremia.  He has been serving as a branch President for a short while.  He chose Samson Thomas the Branch President of the second branch and President Stimpson who was a counselor to President Enos to serve with him.  We also put in two new branch Presidents.  They replaced President Mioba, Ebeye First Branch with President Loeak and replaced President Thomas, Ebeye Second Branch President, with President Jibas.  President Seremi is still the Third Branch President and will continue doing both jobs until he can get another brother called.  So there were many setting aparts.  Then, at 4:00 they had a District Priesthood meeting.  Sister Morgan always takes such good care of us and we had super meals with them.  The Barlow’s enjoyed getting to know the Morgan’s and enjoyed seeing Kawjalein and Ebeye. 

Monday, we had a mini zone conference with the missionaries.  We gave them stockings full of candy and then we watched the “Forgotten Carols” with them.  They enjoyed it and afterwards they came on the ferry to go to the American Eatery on Kawjalein.  President Parker, Kwajalein Branch President, took the Barlow’s on a golf cart tour of the base.
As we reflect on the blessings of this year it is amazing to us how blessed we have been.  We have another granddaughter, Kenzie (Paul and Kellie’s fourth child).  She is beautiful and healthy and is smiling now soooo cute.  Also Grandpa Pearson had his 90th Birthday on Deember 3rd.  He is healthy and happy and we love to skype and talk with him.  We appreciate the great care that Jeanne gives him we love you both so much.

We are anticipating the birth of another grandson (Scott & Malia) in February, which will be our 13th grandchild.  Our Mission is progressing and we love the Missionaries for their desires to serve.  This is not the easiest mission to serve in; they all amaze us with their ability to adjust and carry out the work.  Thanks to all of the parents for their support of their missionaries and for raising such wonderful sons and daughters.  They are all excited to make their Christmas phone calls as we know you are too!
Christmas is such a joyful time of year.  We know that men are that they might have joy.  It’s not the things that can be bought with money that give us lasting joy.  The people in our mission prove this time and time again as many don’t have much monetarily but they are happy to share with others and they are happy with what they have.  They serve and give service when possible and are understanding more and more how much the gospel has and can change their lives.  They all look forward in Majuro to the Biit, which is a program of dancing and singing.  They practice a ton and each ward comes up with a song and dance to perform.  Other churches are welcome to come and join us at the stake center and many do. 

The greatest gift that we can give at this time is service.  We hope that you will give the gift of you to others.  Giving others our time means so much.  We often think that we are too busy and we miss the boat of what it’s all about.  Our Father in Heaven gave his Son to come to earth and to fulfill all righteousness.  He has shown us the way through His example and love.  We bear testimony of Him that He lives and that He will always be there for us if we will let Him in.  We love you all so much.  Thank you for your prayers and support.  You are all close to our hearts and that’s where you will always be.  Love Mom & Dad / Nana & Papa / President & Sister Shaw  


Irene Duford said...

Thank you Sister Shaw for keeping up this blog. It is a highlight for me to read it and see the pictures and know your thoughts. I prayed all of Kenny's life for him to have a wonderful Mission President with a great wife who really love the missionaries and show it and you both are answers to a mother and father's prayers! Thank you so much for all you do. I miss him like crazy but because he has you and President Shaw and the other awesome missionaries it makes it so much easier. The church is true! The Savior loves us...

Laurie said...

I've been thinking of you lately. Thank you for sharing your expeiernces. For some reason, the youth and YSAs in the Majuro Stake have been on my mind lately. Please let them know I love them and miss them.