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18 Aug - 3 Sep, 2012

We arrived back in Majuro on August 21st. We had an office meeting. The next day we went to Rita for their District Meeting. On Thursday we had Elder Rigby and Elder Jensen over for dinner as it was Elder Rigby’s Birthday. We appreciate all that our Assistants do and it is nice to have them to dinner every so often, they are great young men.

On Friday the 24th we had the final dinner for the Badgers. They have been in our office, we so appreciate all that they did and we will miss having them here.

Saturday morning we left for Ebeye. Tom had interviews of all of the Missionaries serving there. There were also two young men from Ebeye who are filling out their paper work for a mission who needed to be interviewed. He also interviewed the District President, and two of the branch Presidents. The Relief Society of the third Branch had an activity the day we arrived. They had about four women talk about families and how important they are Then when they finished they had decorated a spot to have some family pictures taken. Not all had their whole families there but they took pictures of the ones who were there. They love pictures. We always get our pictures developed in Hawaii and then we give them out at the various places of the mission. It is quite expensive to get pictures developed in the areas of our mission. After the pictures they danced and had some refreshments. The people love to dance and have parties.

On Sunday, we went to two of the Branches. They have a big air conditioned chapel there which makes it nice. Tom still had some interviews that day. That evening we had a District fireside where both Tom and I spoke. He spoke on Missionary work and the Mission schedule that the full time missionaries have. He told them that the full time missionaries are sent to help them in their every member a missionary responsibilities. They will do the teaching as the members help them with people to teach, such as other family members and friends. If we work together the church will continue to grow in Ebeye. I talked about the importance of families. I told them now is the time to build strong relationships. If we want to be together for eternity then we must be working on that. We have been told that we will all have the same feelings and attitudes when we go to heaven. So if we are holding grudges or are upset and angry with one another here on earth, we would not be ready for a Celestial family. We must prepare ourselves to go to the Temple and be sealed and then do our part here on earth to keep our family strong. There are so many children in Ebeye who need the guidance and security of a good family. Many of these wonderful people will take kids and relatives into their homes to help them out. They do this without a second thought.

The Next day we had a Zone Conference with Elder and Sister Morgan and the six Missionaries serving there. I spoke about the importance of area books, the same training we have been giving throughout the mission. Tom spoke on weekly planning. He told them that water at 211 degrees is hot water. 212 degrees is boiling water which lets off steam that spreads. So just that one degree of effort makes such a difference in a Mission. Then the steam can involve others in the work and it becomes a united effort. Sister Tominey gave a great training as well as Elder Lavelua.

Right after zone conference we had to catch the ferry back to Kaij. Tom needed to buy a bunch of bike parts that they are unable to get in Tarawa. So we filled one big suitcase full of tires and other parts. A Sister Missionary from Ebeye was on the same flight as we were, but of course we got off in Majuro and she continued on. She was headed to the MTC in Provo and then on to the Philippines. Tom also set her apart before leaving. When we got to Majuro we were able to give Elder and Sister Badger a hug as they were getting on that same plane that was headed to Hawaii. I’m glad that we were able to say goodbye. So the Badgers were on the flight with Sister all the way to Utah, which I’m sure she was glad she was not alone.

We went to Delap for District Meeting. Elder Fesola’I is the District leader there. The training was on asking inspired questions. For good questions use the OLDS, which stands for Observe Listen Discern and Speak. You want to help people think and understand. You don’t want to put them on the spot or make them feel awkward. The people here hate to say no, so they have to be sure they understand what they are saying yes to!

On Saturday, we had Zone Leader training with the four zone leaders and the AP’s. We had a good session and the things we talked about are then taught to their zones the following
Wednesday. This is a new meeting they want us to have which was given to us through the Missionary department. The Zone leaders teach it, one set to the east zone and one set to the west zone. That evening we had a baptism of four people in Delap. This area has been having a lot of success lately.

Sunday, we went to the Long Island ward for church. This ward meets in the stake center and they have air conditioning which is so nice! We had a couple named Andrew and Jamie Zvirzdin, and their little boy Max for dinner. Don’t ask me to how you say the last name, I know they call them brother and sister Z. They are a cute young family who live here because of Andrew’s job. He is the deputy Ambassador in the American Embassy. They are members of the church and just live across the road from where we do. They are a great asset to the Long Island ward.

Monday, we had a joint Preparation Day activity. We had an Olympic theme. We had a torch which I was privileged to carry and a caldron to light! They had three different games. One where they each tied a balloon to their ankle. They had to link arms with their companion and try to pop other player’s balloons. It was fun to watch them! Then they had a doughnut tied to a net. They were frosted and each companion had to eat a complete doughnut and whistle and then their companion would do the same thing. Those that finished first won the gold. Then they had some water balloons which two were given to each pair. Each companionship had a towel and they were two launch the balloon out of the towel and try to get it in a square plastic target. So wherever their balloon landed they had to go stand by it. No one made the target, but they measured who was closest to it for the different medals. Then we had them come into the cultural hall for a special performance. We told them that we had the Gold winning men who performed at the Olympics in the synchronized swimming. Our senior men came out and performed for the missionaries, and oh what a performance it was! We had blue tarps for the water and they were on the stage. I thought some of the missionaries were going to die laughing! They had shower caps, goggles, and matching shirts that Elder Wayas painted. After their performance we gave out medals, that Elder Wayas also made, he is so talented. So the Marshall Island synchronized group all received another gold medal. The other medals that were given out were for the three games. There were five categories for each game. Gold, Silver, and bronze for 1, 2 and 3rd place and best sportsmanship and a "Don’t quit your day job award!" We then gave each of them a sack lunch to take with them. It was a big hit and we appreciated all of the organizing and hard work to bring it together by our Assistants and our seniors.

On Wednesday, we attended the West Zone training. Elders Emmett and Seru are the zone leaders there. They did a wonderful job and taught the things they had learned at Saturday’s training. We are trying to help the missionaries take the work up a notch thru obedience and achieving their goals.

Today, which is Thursday, we picked up our new couple the Barlow’s from the airport. They are taking Badgers place in the office. They are excited to be here and we are excited to have them. We took them to lunch with all the seniors.

We are happy to have them here.

We will be in Majuro for another week and a half and then we will go to Tarawa. We hope all of the Grandkids are enjoying school. The children here have gone back to school also, so the neighborhood is a little quieter in the day. We love the work here and the missionaries that the Lord had sent here. We love all of you and miss you. You all have amazing families who are trying to keep the commandments. Thank you for your love and prayers. Love Mom & Dad / Nana & Papa / President & Sister Shaw.

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Irene Duford said...

Sister Shaw, Thank you so much for posting in this blog with wonderful pictures. I am so happy to see all the good work goig on and the fun you have with the missionaries too :) We are grateful for you and President Shaw.