Monday, July 23, 2012

July 5 - 23, 2012

Two weeks in one place! That has not happened in a while. We have been able to catch up on some things and regroup!

On the 6th and 7th there was a annual fishing contest in Majuro. We were able to go to the dock on Friday the 6th and see them weigh some of the fish that were caught. They were Marlin and yellow finned tuna. The biggest Marlin was 190 lbs. They have a Miss Bill fish who would put lei’s on the fishermen as they came in to weigh their fish and have their picture taken. The next day we had a baptism in Delap and so we stopped to see theweigh in for the final day. Nothing bigger than the 190 lb. marlin came in so that was the winner. It began to rain just as it ended and the wind was blowing pretty good. We had to wait until it finally let up a little to make a run for the car. We were quite wet and had to walk through some major puddles. That made us late to the baptism so we were unable to take pictures of those being baptized.

Sunday, we attended the Long Island Ward and then the Jenrok Ward conference. Jenrok has been meeting in a school building while their chapel has been being renovated. They are just finishing up the final details before they move back to the church building. It will be so much nicer and much more space.

We had our staff meeting in our office on Tuesday. Seems to always be so much to discuss.

On Wednesday, we went to Rita to their district meeting where Elder Emmett is the district leader. It was a good meeting and we enjoyed attending.

On Friday, we had Elder Actson Helmer Langbata come from Ebeye to Majuro so that he could be set apart as a Missionary to serve in the Salt Lake South Mission which is the mission that our home stake is in. He is a wonderful young man. His grandma who hadn’t seen him for ten years came to the airport withhis Auntie to see him. Here is a picture of him and if any of you see him around tell him Yakwe! He has the greatest smile. He will be in the MTC for three weeks and then he will be in the mission field.

On Saturday, Dad had the opportunity to go deep sea fishing with some of the senior men missionaries. He had a good time and he caught a five lb. Grouper fish one they say is very good tasting. They gave the fish to a lady who was going to be having a funeral. The other fish that were caught were small. Every Saturday Dad, the zone leaders, and the AP's skype with the zone leaders in Kirbati. I think they have heard Tom's jokes one to many times! We had a baptism in Uliga, love the baptisms keep them coming!

On Sunday, we attended the Laura ward. We then picked up Elder Langbata to attend the Uliga Ward so that he could see his grandma again. She has been less active but she came to church so that she could see him again.

On Monday, we picked him up and had dinner then took him to the airport to leave for Hawaii, then onto San Francisco and finally to Salt Lake. He was pretty nervous when we arrived at the airport. The Mills, senior couple who served in Ebeye and finished in December, picked him up at the airport in Salt Lake and took him to the MTC. I’m sure he was relieved to see them!

This time for Zone Conference we split them into the two zones of the mission in Majuro, the east and the west zone. Tuesday we met with the East zone. Tom talked about the Doctrine of Christ and I talked about the importance of their area books. The Assistants gave a training and then the zone leaders. They had topics from Preach My Gospel. We had haystacks, fruit and brownies for lunch, they seemed to really like everything. Sister Perkins talked about the proper diet and I was glad that we had planned a healthy lunch! Sister Kalanise and Elder Teriba bore their testimonies as they will be gone before the next zone conference. Also the senior couples (Badgers and the Perkins) bore their testimonies because they too will be gone before we have another conference. They will all be greatly missed.

Wednesday I attended the Long Island District meeting. Elder Atantaake is the District leader there. We did some role playing and talking about effective teaching. We also had our staff meeting that day.

Thursday was the West Zone conference held in Ajeltake. The same things were taught and we had the testimonies of Elder Cherrington, the Badgers, and the Perkins. This made for a more intimate setting breaking the zones up for conference. We hope the missionaries came away with a renewed desire to take this work forward and bless our brothers and sisters in the Marshall Island area.

Saturday, the stake had an activity for the 24th of July celebration. They had about a five mile walk in honor of the pioneers that started at 5:30 in the morning. We had a police escort and there were some adults, children and youth age participants. This little lady is middle seventies and she walked too! They then fed everyone breakfast. They had some games and races after that and ended it with a tribute to the pioneers. this is Elder Teriba, isn't he cute! It was very successful. We also had a baptism of three people in Delap again who were baptized. Two girls completed a family of eight who are all recent converts. They will be a great strength to the church here.

Sunday, we went to church in Ajeltake. The chapel there has the prettiest setting. Later that evening we picked up Sister Ntonga Terabwena. She has completed her mission. She ate dinner with us and we had her final interview. She is from Kiribati so we will still see her. She has been a great missionary and there were members who came to see her off, who were there at 4:30 am! Yes, Air Marshall (aka "Maybe") actually flew!

We had a Birthday since I last wrote which is Whitney who turned 10 on July the 9th. We love you Whittey. They just keep growing up-too quick!We also are all so excited in our family for Scott and Malia. She is pregnant and due in February. As you know they have waited a long time for this blessing. We are grateful to the Lord and pray that he will continue to bless them with every needful thing.

Remember to share the Gospel whenever you have the opportunity. It is the greatest gift we could give to those who have not found it. We love you all Mom & Dad, Nana & Papa, President & Sister Shaw

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