Saturday, April 7, 2012

Mar 19 - Apr 2, 2012

We arrived back in Majuro on Thursday, March 22nd. That day we had Sister Vuikadavu over for her departure dinner. She stayed overnight with us and then left for home on Friday, the 23rd. She is our second oldest Sister who served under us. She was a good missionary and she loved serving here.

On Saturday, we attended the baptism of a Sister in the long island ward. The Assistants had taught her, it was a good service.

On Tuesday, Elder/ Dr. Burton the Area Medical Advisor came to Majuro. Originally his wife was going to come but she ended up going to Utah to be with a daughter who was having a repeat surgery. We missed having her as well. He went to meet the Doctors in Majuro and spent the day with the Perkin’s. He came back to our home at dinner time and we ate dinner.

On Wednesday, we had our Zone Conference. It was so good to meet all together again. Dr. Burton gave a presentation and Dad and I spoke. We also had Elder Rigby, Sister Howard, Elder Cherrington, and the Assistants, Elders Randall and Green give presentations. We also had some wonderful testimonies from our newer Missionaries, Elder’s Duford, Watkins, Adam Atantaake, Jolley, Lavelua, Fesola'i, Elder & Sister Wood’s, and Sisters Tekiare and Tominey. We also heard from Elder Amram who will finish his mission in April. The spirit was so strong we have such strong missionaries. Tom talked about Church growth and I used a talk that Elder Packer gave on everything a missionary should know. Tom had already done the interviews of the Majuro missionaries earlier in the month. We had a lunch thanks to the Wood’s and the other seniors. There was still food left over so we know that no one went away hungry. We did the Birthday’s which were many since our last zone conference. Elder Burton joined us for dinner and he stayed with us that evening.

Thursday morning the Perkin’s, Dr. Burton, and us flew to Ebeye.. Dr. Burton went to meet some Doctors and to see the hospital. That evening we all had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.

Friday, we had our zone conference with the missionaries, Dr. Burton, the Perkin’s and us. We trained on the same subjects we had in Majuro. Elders Kaka and Teriba and Sister Bauro helped with the training. We heard testimonies from Elders Gappmayer and McOmie, and Sister Roota. The spirit was strong once again. We have so much admiration for our Missionaries. They are strong and they have to learn so much so quickly; it is quite a challenge. They learn many things about themselves and about our Father in Heaven’s love for them and His constant care. We had a lunch at the hotel after our zone conference. The Morgan’s are great and they are super with the missionaries and they are always there for them and the Branches. Friday evening they had an orientation meeting explaining how the different organizations help and teach. They had us move from room to room and had women there to explain their subject. They talked about the Primary, Young Women’s, missionary work, compassionate service, home enrichment, and about going to the Temple. This cute family talked about their trip to the Temple.

One of the big reasons we came to Ebeye this time is to form another Branch and call a new Branch Presidency. Tom has interviewed them and they will be set apart on Sunday. The people know about the new Branch and have mixed feelings about the change. Change is always hard but we know that it will be good. More people will be able to have callings and now everyone will fit into the chapel for sacrament meetings.

Tonight, which is Saturday, we are going to watch Leadership Training from the Area Presidency for District and Branch councils. We pray it will help them to see how they should function in their callings? It has been translated into Marshallese. There was a good turnout and we hope it was helpful. Before the meeting started Tom gave a call to a young man who wants to be a missionary so much. He cannot read or write so he wouldn’t be able to serve a regular mission. So he extended a call for him to serve here in Ebeye, a type of service mission. He had a name tag made for him and he seems real ly excited about it. His family are not members so the members here help him out.

Sunday we had a District Meeting to create the new branch on Ebeye. They will now have three branches, one on Kwajalein and one of Lae. They showed the sustained the boundaries and sustained a new Branch Presidency, including a financial clerk, and Elders quorum president. They also ordained five men to the Melchizedek Priesthood. It is so great to see that happen because they can now work as families to go to the Temple. There were around 440 members who attended the meeting. They have a gymnasium that is big enough for District meetings. It is and open air place but is very hot. After the meeting we went to the church to set them all apart. Two of the men in the new Presidency were involved in the Ebeye 2nd Branch Presidency. So the Branch President had to turn in names for two new counselors, they were also sustained and set apart. We then had a luncheon for the District and Branch Presidencies and their wives. The people here are wonderful and we know that they will rally round the new Branch Presidency and help get things on the right track. Tom has been sick this whole trip which has not been too great for him. He lost his voice, and has had a bad cough and a sore throat. He had so many interviews and a talk and settings apart. He is trying to rest now until tomorrow when he has interviews set up in the morning with all of the missionaries. We pray he has a better night.

We want to mention Ethan’s, Scott’s and Jeanne’s Birthday since I last wrote. We hope your days were wonderful. We love you and miss you. Thank you for your love and prayers. Mom & Dad / Nana & Papa / President & Sister Shaw

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