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Feb 15 - Mar 3, 2012

I really need to catch up with the blog, a lot has happened since I last wrote. We actually had two Valentines’ Days because we left Christmas Island on the 14th and landed in Hawaii on the 14th! The next day we went to the Hawaii Temple to see if we could see some of the Ebeye members who had come to the Temple to receive endowments and be sealed as families and to do work for some of their family members. When we got there we were told that they were in the Baptistry, so we went and found them there. Those who were eligible to receive their endowment had done so the day before. Those same Priesthood holders were doing the baptizing and confirming the children who had come who were old enough to do so. I t was a great sight to see. We asked when the couples were going through a session so that we could get on the same session. It was such a privilege to be able to be there with the other three couples. The next week another group from Ebeye was coming also. This group left on the same plane that we did to go back to Ebeye. We kept looking for them so that we could take pictures of them, but we never connected. It turned out that they were late because one of the teenage daughters was not able to go with them. Not sure what the problem was but she stayed in Hawaii with Brother Seremia, who was the chaperone for the group. He stayed in Hawaii for the next group that came the following week. So the rest of them were the last ones to board the plane. We of course got off at Majuro and they went on to Ebeye.

We arrived in Majuro on Saturday the 18th. Elder & Sister Woods, the new CES couple arrived while we were gone so we got to meet them that day. They had already done a lot of things as they hit the road ready to work! They are a great couple and we are excited to get to know them even better. They are from Orem, Utah.

On February 22nd we went to the District meeting in Rita. Elder Kimbar has been serving there. Elder Amram is the district leader there and he is Marshallese. Elder Kimbar who is also Marshallese finished his mission on that day. We took him to dinner and then he met with and was released by the President Zedkheia. We then drove him home to Laura where his family lives and dropped him off. It was great to meet more of his family. He loved his mission and he served well, we will miss serving with him. It was also Kristy’s Birthday that day, she said she had a great day.

We were able to see and interview two of the Missionaries who finally got here from Kiribati. They are Elder Atanaake from Kiribati and Elder Fesola'i from New Zealand. There was also a Sister Roota, who had gone to Ebeye before we returned home. We will be able to see her the end of this month when we go to Ebeye. The reason it took them so long was because Air Marshall (Air Maybe) didn’t fly for a while. They had been sent to Tarawa after the New Zealand MTC, we are glad they finally arrived.

Tom also did some interviews here in Majuro. Our Zone Conference will not be till the end of this month, when Dr. Burton, the area Doctor, comes for a visit. Because of having them here he decided to interview everyone ahead of time. So we went to the different church buildings to meet with the missionaries in each District. I enjoy going and talking to those who are waiting for their interviews, it’s great to get to know them better.

On Saturday, the Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Assistants had a training meeting.
On Sunday, we had four Missionaries come to the Mission home for dinner, final interviews, and to sleep over. They are Elder’s Taylor, Blacker, Aisake, and Horan. They have all served well and we enjoyed spending time with all of them. Elder Taylor is a huge Utah fan so of course we gave him the BYU plates to eat on! One thing I’ve learned from these farewell dinners is that they can really put away the food, and they are so cute as they try on their suits which they haven’t seen for two years, and as they want to look just right for their return! We love them all and wish them the best of everything as they move on in their lives.

On Monday, in the afternoon we had a Sisters Day Activity with all of the senior and young sisters. We had goodies and Sister Terabwena and Bauro taught all of us how to smock like they do in Kiribati out of checked cotton material. They wear these smocked tops that are very pretty. Each of us had a piece of gingham to practice on. We had a great time; our sisters are all so special.

On Wednesday, we had a dinner for the Christensen’s who were leaving the next Friday. They are the office couple, who has served with us for their whole mission. They have really done an outstanding job and we appreciate them so much. Elder Christensen, who is an oral surgeon, helped out at the dental clinic quite a bit. Showing them newer techniques and training new skills. Also, they were instrumental in getting them $25, 000.00 dollars worth of dental equipment. They had both served in Kiribati to fill in as the nurse on that side until the nurse who had been called arrived. Sister Christensen organized and planned many of our lunches and dinners for the mission. She also put together a book for the Missionaries of experiences and pictures, as well as a book about Elder Bednar’s visit to Majuro last year. She also planned two temple trips for some of the members in Majuro, and Chaperoned one of the trips. We will miss them both so much and thank them for their tremendous service.

On Thursday, we welcomed four new missionaries in Majuro (Elders Adam, Duford, McOmie & Watkins) and nine (Sisters Tekiare, Tenoa and Elders Armstrong, Gawkoski, Hosler, Wells, Whippy (Jared), Maddy & Veikau) in Kiribati. We took the Majuro Elders to Chit Chat for lunch and showed them around from the office to Rita. They emailed their parents and then Tom took them to the other end of the Island so they could see that. They came back and we fed them dinner and got better acquainted. Tom interviewed them and they stayed overnight. They went to bed quite early as they were bushed! We ate breakfast the next day and then went over to orient them at the office. We then had a training meeting with their companions and them. Elder McOmie left Saturday morning for Ebeye as he will be serving there with Elder Kaka. They were excited to meet their trainers and they are rearing to go!

We are pretty sure that Air Maybe is going to fly this Monday the 5th, which means that Elder Pearson who has been an assistant is going back to Kiribati to finish out his mission on an outer Island there. He and Elder Randall have done a wonderful job and we will miss him. Elder Green who has been serving as Zone Leader in Kiribati will be replacing him. His father actually served his mission here in Majuro twenty-five years ago. I have heard that there is a family that he baptized that is anxious to meet him, how neat is that! We look forward to having Elder Green as an Assistant.

We wish Scott and Malia a Happy Anniversary. March 1st was their 10th. We hope you had a great day.
We are so grateful that the Lord is in charge of this work and that he truly wants us all to help him by being his disciples and helping others come unto him. He is mindful of our missionaries, their families and he blesses them immensely. We remember blessings we received as our sons served and now that we are serving we know you all are blessed. We have been given that promise many times by servants of the Lord. Thank you for your prayers and love-we know they help us day by day. We love you all. Love Mom & Dad / Nana & Papa / President & Sister Shaw

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Irene Duford said...

Sister Shaw, I am grateful to you and President Shaw for the love you show the missionaries. I am so happy Elder Duford is serving the Lord and look forward to hearing of his spiritual experiences..