Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 5-16, 2011

What a great and busy time we are in right now. We left Majuro on May 5th to start our Mission tour. When we landed in Hawaii, it was raining and had been doing so all week long. I always feel sorry for tourist who come to Hawaii and have rain all the time. We stayed overnight and then went to Fiji. It was Mother’s day when we left and when we got to Fiji it was Monday, so Mother’s Day didn’t last too long! Thank you to our kids for the Mother’s day emails, you were far to kind. The day that we were in Hawaii we received two skypes. One from Elder Moimoi’s family and one from Elder Pritchard, who has already gone home. Tom had skyped with the zone leaders in Tarawa and so his computer was still set on the AP’s line. When Elder Pritchard called we were surprised and so was he, to hear my voice! I’m sure that he was calling the AP’s and got us. He made a good recovery though because he said I just called to wish you a happy Mother’s day! We love you Elder Pritchard! Then when we received a second call from Elder Moimoi’s brother it finally downed on us why we got the calls. They had all made their Mother’s day calls either Sunday or Monday. Any way we took the skype off so we were not receiving their calls!
We had Elder Gulbransen and Elder Amohanga spend the night with us on Thursday, as they were leaving the next day to go home. We have had some sweet times with our Missionaries as they depart. We usually always have them share their testimonies, and we do as well. We have a saying in our living room that says “Many people will walk in and out of our lives but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart. That’s how we feel about all of our missionaries as they leave us they always leave footprints on our hearts. We took them to the airport Friday evening to leave. We were told that the flight had been delayed because there had been some mechanical problems, so they had gone back to Guam to get a different plane. So we left them at 11:00 P. M. and the flight was to leave at 12:30 which was two hours late. Apparently they had a problem when that plane arrived and so they were unable to leave. They took a taxi to the APs at 2:00 in the morning. They then sent a rescue plan the next day to get them. So they left just a little before we did on Saturday. They missed being able to spend a little time in Hawaii, but at least they made their connection flights. Elder Gulbransen emailed us and told us that the day after he got home he ran across the full time Elder’s who had heard that he had just come home from the Marshall’s. They were teaching a Marshallese family and wondered if he could go with them to interpret. H was thrilled to do so.

We went to Tarawa from Fiji to begin our mission tour with Elder Nielson and his wife Marcia. We met them in Fiji and were on the same flight as we were to Tarawa. I am going to write another blog for the mission tour with the Neilson’s, so I won’t talk about it here. From Tarawa we went to a Mission President’s seminar. Normally they only invite the wife’s in November, but they did and we didn’t complain! It was in New Zealand again at the Stamford hotel. Our area Presidency all taught us and they are all so great. The Presidency is going to change in August. Elder Hamula is going to be the new President and two new counselors Elder Pearson and Elder Watson both from the quorum of the Seventy. Elder Callister is going to be one of the Presidents of the seventy and will be moving to Utah. Elder Neilson is going to go to the Philippines to serve in the area Presidency there. We are so glad that all of them will have come to our Mission within a year which normally wouldn’t happen. They and their wife’s are all so wonderful. We had a separate short meeting with the Sisters. The couples that were in the seminar are President’s in the South Pacific. We have gotten close to many of them. Five of them are going home this June, so they had them bare their testimonies. We will miss seeing them and we will meet those who take their places in November at the next seminar. They are giving us a different curriculum for the trainers and their new Missionaries as they come. It gives them more study time for language and helping them adjust better. Our senior missionaries are the most important position in our mission because they train the new missionaries as they come out. I love it when we can share ideas with the sisters; we always get something we can try in our mission. The Weather in New Zealand is late fall so it was quite pleasant. We were told to bring a jacket but never needed one.

We headed back to Hawaii via Fiji. We arrived at 7:00 Am. We flew through the night which isn’t our favorite but sometimes we have to do it. Hawaii was beautiful. We stayed at a different Hotel that was nice and right next to Fort Derusey. It was great to skype with most of you yesterday. We are now on our way back to Majuro. The Nelson’s will be joining us on Thursday. We will be there for two days and then we will go to Ebeye for a couple of days. We gain such great insight from them. The Neilson’s will be staying with us. We love this Mission and the many experiences we have had. We also got to be with the Bleak’s who are now serving as the MTC President and wife in New Zealand. They were the first President in our Mission, and it was great to talk with them about the people in our Mission. They are very busy and tied down at the MTC. This was their first time out since they started in Jan. Sometimes it seems like time is going by fast and other times it seems like a very long time. We are glad that spring is there in Utah as you had such a long winter. A big Happy Birthday to Bryant who turned one on May 10th. He is such a happy baby and on skype we got to see him take some steps. We love you and pray for you. Mom & Dad, Nana & Papa, President & Sister Shaw.

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