Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mar 24 -April 3 2011

We are still in Majuro which will probably be the longest time spent here. The small plane situation is not looking to good right now. They are out of fuel again and the government has put a lot more stipulations that have to happen before they can fly. They are trying to ground the company that the little plane is with. We had been excited as there had seemed to be some progress for a time but now we are back to not being able to rely on the small plane. We know that the Lord can intervene if things need to be easier for transportation, so we keep praying that things will get better. On Friday the 25th I had my tooth pulled by Elder Christensen who is an oral surgeon. He has helped the other dentists there, showing them different techniques and better ways of doing things, that they allowed him to do it. I really was feeling fine after the numbing left, so he did a great job. On Sunday we went to the Ajeltake branch. We love it on this end of the island. The People are so friendly there, and love to see you. On Tuesday there was a baptism in Laura. There were seven people who got baptized. There was one older lady, her daughter who was twelve and four other granddaughters. It was the Grandma’s Birthday as well. What a great present for her and others of her family. We sang Happy Birthday at the end, and then they had cake and ice-cream afterwards. They are a very close knit ward, and we always love going there. On Thursday we received one new missionary, Elder Watson from Arizona. We were also supposed to get two others and Elder and a Sister coming from Kiribati but the plane did not fly. So we are hoping for this week. Elder Watson will be a great addition to our mission. He is excited to be here and to start working. We took him to Chit Chat, of course and then he ate dinner with us that evening and stayed overnight. The next day he went through training and then after lunch his companion picked him up. Friday we had a baptism of the Sister’s investigators in long Island ward, which is our home ward. It was a family. The husband and wife and their son who is about 12. They also have a little daughter. It is a custom to have those who are baptized bear their testimony after they have been baptized. The spirit was very strong as the mother and father stood to do so. The mother said that they had both belonged to different church’s her protestant and him the catholic. This was a difficult time for them as it caused a lot of contention in their home. She was so grateful to both be members of the true church, and how much more unity they felt. Her husband said that it was the love of the church that caught his eye first. He was impressed with the way they were treated when they came to church. He felt loved and that people really care about them. It makes me know how much we take for granted. We were so fortunate to have been born in the church. Saturday, we had a luncheon here for the Hewstones, who will be leaving April 15th. They have been the physical facility couple and have done a tremendous job; we hate to see them go. They will be going back to Australia. Their replacement couple is coming in tomorrow, so that they can train them. They are the Hillborne’s from New Zealand. We also had another baptism in Laura on Saturday. There were four younger girls baptized. They asked if the senior men would sing a hymn in the program, who promptly told them to ask the senior sister’s. So we hesitantly said yes. At least no one left so I guess it was okay! It is a shame that the people here are so shy because almost all of them have great voices and know how to harmonize. Yesterday, we skyped with Dad and Jeanne. It was so great to see them. We wondered how Dad would do but he was super! We had a great conversation and he didn’t gobble once! We love them so dearly and we are so grateful for the loving way that Jeanne takes care of him. We thank Paul for taking his computer over there so that we could talk. While he was there he was able to get their skype to work so that is great to! We were not able to watch conference this past weekend. We are hoping that we will get the DVD within a week and a half so that we can watch it. All the Missionaries will come to the mission home to watch it for two day’s with a lunch in between. Everyone is anxious to see it. A lot of you have mentioned the Marshallese articles in the April Ensign. The Marshall’s have been getting a lot of good publicity lately, with Elder Bednar’s visit and the article. The church is definitely growing here and we love to be witnesses of it. We love your interest and concern for the Marshall’s. We had a young man in our home ward do an eagle project in which he collected clothing for the people and the missionaries. Thank you for all you did Parker. Other former missionaries and current ones families have been a part of some projects that benefit the Marshall mission. We love our family and want to acknowledge Scott, Ethan, and Jeanne’s Birthdays that were in the end of March. We feel of your prayers and thoughts and love to skype and talk with you all. Thank you for everything Love Mom and Dad, Nana and Papa, Pres and Sister Shaw

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