Sunday, January 9, 2011

Special Edition-Ebeye's White Christmas 2010

What a way to start Christmas Day as we all got to the Church it was such a thrill to see one side of the Chapel filled with people all dressed in “White” sitting and waiting for their chance to enter the waters of Baptism. I thought as we sat there how happy the Lord must be seeing all of his children ready to be reborn and start on the path back to his presents. What a great way to celebrate his birth. By the time the meeting started the chapel was filled with members, non members and friends wanting to be part of this special day. The spirit was strong as we sang, listened to talks and then walked to the Lagoon. It was great to see people stand and look at some 250 people walking down the street many of them in all white and the others in white shirts and ties. When we got to the Lagoon the Missionaries took charge and organized them into rows. The baptism ordinance went very smooth. The highlight for me was to see Davidson, who just a few short weeks ago was baptized and now after receiving the Priesthood was able to baptize his wife. This was the Sister that came into our training during the role playing. This was the Lords way of showing how he can bless not only the lives of those being baptized but our lives also. We had 31 people baptized and 27 of those were investigators. We were privileged to be special witnesses to this miraculous event. Merry Christmas Elder & Sister Mills

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