Sunday, January 30, 2011

MIMM Jan 15-28 Jan 2011

This has been a very wonderful but busy time frame. On Monday the 15th the Corry’s the couple who serve in Kiribati arrived in Majuro, coming back from their daughter’s wedding in Idaho. This is the pilot who has been trying to get better air transportation going in our mission area. They had meetings with many people here and in Hawaii which will hopefully open the door for better air travel. Things have to be approved by certain people but we are hopeful that action will be taken. We took the Corry’s to our favorite pizza place Chit Chat, that evening. Sister Corry helped me make and freeze some of the food that we were going to be serving when the Bednar’s came. She was such a big help and we really appreciated all she did. They were supposed to go home on the 18th, but we were not sure if that was going to happen because they were flying standby and it didn’t look good for their chances. They had spoken with Bill Capella who is one of the big bosses of Marshall Air and he said that he would try to send a bigger plane so that more could go. So they did go on the bigger plane and were able to get back to Kiritibus that day.

On Friday the Ebeye Elders, Sisters and Mill’s came in for the big visit by the Bednar’s. The Mill’s stayed with us until Tuesday. They helped us a great deal. They helped set up take down, and with clean up. We are so appreciative for all they did. We really couldn’t entertain them as they were here for the conference and meetings. On Saturday the Bednar’s, the Callisters (area president) and the Wakolo’s also involved in the area of the South Pacific. We were privileged to drive Elder Bednar and his wife to the hotel. They then came over to the mission home for lunch. Sister Hewstone had headed up and assigned out and cooked the main portion of the lunch. The Stake Presidency and their wife’s were invited to this lunch. It was enjoyable and delicious, and we had a lot left over. They all were so gracious and easy to talk to. I’m sure they were very tired but there was no time to rest. At 1:00 the priesthood met for Auxiliary training until 5:00. The sister’s went to the local hospital and donated 300 baby kits and some pictures to hang in the maternity ward. Elder and Sister Davidson were in charge of that event and put all of the kits together with some volunteers. They said that the women seemed very touched by it. There were 7 mothers and babies there at the time. At 3:00 the women auxiliary had a meeting until 5:00. Both meetings were well attended and all were given great guidelines and information. They all came back to the mission home for dinner. I served a Hawaiian meatball over rice with salad rolls and desert. This was just the three couples and us. They thanked us numerous times and we had a lot left over. That evening the Sister’s went out with the Davidson’s to visit a family, while the men went back to the church to reorganize the Stake Presidency. They were there until late that night.

On Sunday the schedule was also very busy. We had Stake Conference where they announced the new Presidency and the old and the new Stake Presidency talked along with Elder and Sister Callister and Elder and Sister Bednar. After conference they set apart the new Presidency and then came to the mission home for lunch. We had the new Stake Presidency and wives and the former Stake President and his wife and the three couples and us. We had ham, funeral potatoes, fruit salad and dessert. Then the Priesthood left to train the new Stake Presidency. We had dinner here with the three couples and us. We had chicken salad, with rolls, fruit, and desert. We then had a young single adult fireside. Elder Bednar let the group ask questions and between the three couples they answered them. It was a great meeting and at the end they all got to line up and shake Elder and Sister Bednar’s hand. Are you tired yet with this busy schedule? I know I was and I didn’t even have to go to all the meetings!

On Monday our Missionaries on the Marshall side met with all three couples from 9:00 till 12:00. We were able to take a group picture with everyone just before the meeting started. Elder Bednar had given us two of his talks to read and be familiar with. He then asked the group what stood out to them. He then talked about each thing that was brought up. He then opened it up to any questions they would like to ask. It was a powerful meeting and our Missionaries were so well prepared. At the end of the meeting everyone got to shake hands with the authorities. We had a luncheon with the acting President of the country, the Stake Presidency and a newspaper writer and of course our wonderful guests. We had a group of Kirtibati girls dance for us, and a group of young men from the Marshall’s, who also did a couple of dances. The acting president Jack Ading gave a little speech, in which he was very complimentery about the church. Elder Bednar presented a statue of the father and the son, a Hansen classic to the acting president Jack Ading. Then the Bednar’s, Callister’s. and the Wakolo’s went on a little tour. Earlier Elder Bednar had asked what they could do for us. We asked if he minded if we had all of the Senior couples to dinner. We had the Ebeye District President and the two branch President’s and the seniors over for dinner. We had so much food left over plus the food I had prepared for that night. It was a great experience for all of us. Elder Bednar again let anyone who had a question for him to ask it. The spirit was strong and we all hated for the time to end. We took them to the airport. There will probably never be another time here to have three general authorities at our finger tips. It was a momentous occasion and one the members will never forget. They had already done this same type schedule in Tonga, New Zealand, another part of New Zealand and Hawaii. We feel so fortunate to have had this experience and so blessed. We know that they are special witness of Jesus Christ. We felt of their testimony and love. We know that we are blessed and that our family is blessed through the gospel of Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. We love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers and support. Love Mom and Dad, Nana and Papa, Pres. and Sister Shaw

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