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Oct 10-24, 2010

Almost Halloween! They do celebrate it here. We will be excited to get pictures from all of you in your costumes! We are still in Majuro and will be until Nov. 5th. There is a lot to tell you about since the last blog. On October 10th we had four Elders to dinner. Elder Dew and Elder Gulbransen have finished training the Christensen’s who are now in the office, so we wanted to have them come to thank them for their dedicated service in the office. Their companions of course came also, Elder Isom and Elder Corry. They are now back out in the field full time now.

On October 11th here we skyped with the Jensen’s as it was Jenacee's special baptism day. It was October the 10th there because of being a day behind us. She showed us the dress she wore and told us who came over afterwards for lunch. She also had cut her hair and we loved it! We thought about her all day and hoped that they felt our spirit there. We also skyped with Jeff‘s family. It is so great to be able to see them and to here first hand what they are doing. On our computer we still have Spain pictures that come up when we are not using the computer. I couldn’t believe how much all the kids had changed while we were there, and we know that there will be great changes take place while we are here. Thankfully with skype we will be able to watch it take place!

On Monday Elder Parco came in from Ebeye. We picked him up at the airport and then took him to dinner. He is one of three Elders who have finished their Missions. Elder Parco stayed with us and then the next day we had Elder Wright and Elder Enlow join us and we had dinner at the mission home. We had a testimony meeting after dinner and the spirit was sweet. Elder Enlow and Elder Wright had only been members of the church for one year when they came on their Missions. One of the Elders had been kicked out when he joined. How commendable to them as they touched the life’s of many people here in the Islands and served well. We showed them the bedrooms and told them that each could sleep in a separate room. They decided that they would feel weird if they did that, so they all stayed in one room on the floor!

On Wednesday, we decided to show General Conference to all of the Missionaries on the Majuro side. They all fit in the family room. What a great feeling it was to have them all together in the mission home. We watched the two Saturday sessions and then had a lunch that we ordered from a local restaurant. That evening we took the three elders to the Airport to see them off. It was hard to see them go ,and we may not see them again for a long time. We wondered who could possibly replace them.

On Thursday we received three new missionaries. They were so excited and pumped up to be here and ready to get to work. They are Elder Teriba from Tarawa, Elder Cherrington from Idaho and Sister Vuikadavu, or Sister V, because we can’t pronounce her name from Fiji. She has been in Hawaii for four years in the Army Guard. They are all super and so the work goes on. They had dinner with us and stayed overnight with us. Sister V went and stayed with Sister Teichert. We didn’t feel it appropriate for her to share a bathroom with the two Elders. We got to know them better that evening. We are so glad that we can now have them stay in the Mission home as they go and come. We still are not able to do that with the Tarawa missionaries. We hope that if the small plane works out that we might be able to do that with them as well. We actually had six new Elders arrive in Tarawa on Thursday. We tried to skype with them but it was not working very well. So we basically talked to them on the phone. The Phippen’s always feed them lunch and then they are taken to their trainers. We are so grateful to the Phippen’s for filling in for us as we can’t be there when they arrive. On Friday we trained the three new missionaries in the mission office and oriented them to the mission. We then took the new missionaries to lunch for Pizza and then dropped them off to their trainers. We had a very full but fun day.

On Saturday we had the missionaries come to see the rest of conference. We took the opportunity to dedicate the Mission home with all of them here. Tom gave a beautiful prayer and we told them that this was a gathering place for all and that we would devote it to this wonderful mission. We just happen to be the caretakers of it now. We watched the Sunday sessions and enjoyed watching it together. We had Pizza delivered and ate lunch after the conference. After we finished we took Sister Hasu for the second time to the airport. They were able to reroute her flight. She went to Hawaii and then to the Philippines and then to Papa New Guinea. We have not heard that she got stuck anywhere so she is home safe and sound. She is so sweet she hopes to be able to go to BYU Hawaii.

I managed to get sick again so after going to the airport I laid low. Sunday I was still not good and so Tom went to the Uliga ward for their Sacrament meeting. It was their primary program and I felt bad that I missed it. The children here love to sing. We skyped with Paul’s family. They had just finished watching the BYU game and Scott was there too. We must admit we don’t feel too bad about missing the games this year! Monday the seniors got together for home evening which we take turns for every other Monday. I was still coughing my head off so I didn’t go. On Monday I was on the computer and Scott sent a message that he would like to Skype with me, they had just bought the webcam and wanted to try it out. Miracle of Miracle’s I was able to do it on our end as Tom was at the mission office. He had me laughing as he did different things that made him look bug eyed and all out of whack! So now everyone has a webcam Yea! We have also found that we can talk on the phone cheaply through skype, and so I tried Drew and Cathie on the phone and it was great to talk to them. We actually have a better connection then we do on the senior missionaries phones! I tried Dad and Jeanne and it kept going to their answering machine.

Wednesday, we went to a district meeting in Ajeltake. They say that you cannot get lost here but we managed to miss the church. When we were almost to Laura we knew that we had definitely missed it. We turned around and went back and found it of course! So we were late but we were so glad that we went. They were talking about the spirit, how to bring it through their teaching and how they can help investigators feel it as well. Elder Moimoi who is from Fiji helped teach and we could feel the spirit very strong as he talked. Towards the end he started to cry, and he said his eyes were sweating. Elder Pritchard who is the District leader closed the meeting and said that he had asked Elder Moimoi if he had ever been brought to tears because the spirit was so strong and he had said no. These missionaries teach us so much through their example.

On Thursday, we had the Stake Presidency and their wives over to dinner. They all speak English. The President is Arlington Tibon and his wife is Angela. The counselors are President Enos and his wife Akela, and President Betty and his wife Torine. We showed them around the mission home and got to know them better. They are wonderful members who are all converts to the church. The women all said that they would like to come over and soak in our big tub! We really are spoiled!

On Friday, I called Dad/Grandpa and Jeanne on the phone. They answered this time and it was so great to talk with them. Jeanne also has a webcam so we are going to start web caming with them. Tom came home to talk with them too. I reminded Dad that we had a deal that he will still be going strong till we get back. Of course, he had forgotten but we talked about it again and he recommitted! We are so grateful to Jeannne for the tender loving care she gives to Dad. We then went to dinner with the senior couples. We wanted to thank them for all the help they gave us as we moved in to the new home. We also needed to touch base on the responsibilities they have all been doing on behalf of the stake. The stake has only been a stake for about a year and when they were a district there were many things that the mission did for them. We are now trying to turn these things over to the Stake where they should be. There is a lot of training that needs to take place and we will use some shadow leadership to help them along. We take so much for granted back home. There are many things and positions that help a stake run smoothly. By the way does it seem like we go out to eat a lot? I guess we do!

We have taken some pictures of the different areas in the house. We are still adding little touches to it but here are the pictures. We have plenty of room for any visitors who want to come here! We pray daily that we will be able to fulfill our callings and give this Mission what it needs. It is often overwhelming to have this stewardship but it is also very rewarding and we grow daily from the examples of our missionaries. We wish that we could be in two places at onetime. It is hard not to be able to be in the other parts of the mission. We hope and pray that they will know of our love and desire to be with them. We know this work is important or we would not be here. We were interested to note how much they talked about serving a mission in conference. The Marshalls are blossoming and many are seeking the truth. We love you so much and we are ever mindful of each and every one of you. Hugs and Kisses Mom and Dad / Nana and Papa / President and Sister Shaw

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