Friday, July 30, 2010

July 30, 2010 MIMM

July 30 Marshall Island Majuro Mission

Sorry about not having pictures, will add them when we return.

A week has flown by, and it has been very busy. Last Friday we went to a restaurant that had Mexican night, we went with Sister Teichert. It was good but nothing beats good old Taco Bell!

Saturday is our Preparation day but Tom was at the Mission Office all day. I went to the office to take him his lunch and found out that Sister Teichert and Sister Patterson were going to drive to Laura to join a Primary activity that they had for the Stake. The kids and their leaders had walked from Ajeltake to Laura in remembrance of the pioneers for the 24th of July. Apparently the walk took them 3 hrs. We were way late to see and so we missed seeing them. So because we were there we went to look for shells on the beach. The tide was up so we didn’t get to look for the bigger ones but we found many smaller ones. I love Laura; it is more jungle like and very pretty.

Sunday we went to the Place called Rita to go to church. When we were in the store shopping the night before some people from that area came up to us to say hello and introduce themselves. We had the AP’s over for dinner that afternoon. They have been such a great help to us since we still feel pretty clueless.

Tuesday we started the training of the 8 new lessons we received when we went to the training for New Mission Presidents. We trained the Zone Leaders, District Leaders and Trainers of the Majuro zone. They gave us the DVD of District 2 which all of them loved. The Missionary department had gone to a District in San Diego and filmed them while teaching and using these new lessons to help them teach better. They were teaching actual investigators and it has you laughing in one minute and crying the next. The Missionaries we taught seem very excited about the new lessons and had some great practice sessions to practice what they had learned. These lessons do not replace Preach My Gospel they are lessons to help them learn how to effectively teach Preach My Gospel. We trained for four days straight morning and afternoon. We went to dinner with the Hewstones to a Chinese Restaurant. The Hewstones are the physical facilities couple who take care of the housing and church buildings in the Mission. They are from Australia.

On Wednesday we had the Stake President (Arlington, Angela and Sylvester Tibon) of Long Island, his wife and son to dinner. They have had this Stake for one year now so things are still fairly new to them. They are wonderful people and so nice.

Now it is Friday and guess what we are going to do tonight! Yes, we are going to dinner again to take Elder Mackey to dinner. He is one of the AP’s but he will be leaving to go home on Aug. 16th. We will not see him again because we are going to leave tomorrow to go to the other Islands in our Mission. We will not be back until Aug. 21st so he will already be gone. We sure have enjoyed him and it will be hard to see him go. We will have to finish the blog when we return from our travels. Until then take good care of yourselves and know that we are on the Lord’s errand. We love you President & Sister Shaw/Mom & Dad/Nana & Papa

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ruthann said...

We sure miss you two!!! We have enjoyed reading your blog and are enjoying the adventures right along with you!! We pray for you daily and wish the best for both of you :)
Janet and Ruthann